Class Handler

  extended by
      extended by soapdust.urlhandler.test.Handler

public class Handler

This class handles test: urls. The jvm is automatically initialized so that this class is used to resolve test: urls. test: urls allows you to test an application that access to a http server by pointing your application to a test: url instead of a http: url. With a test: url, you can specify the http status code you want the http request to return and also a file which content will be returned as the http response content or error content. test: may be of the form : test:status:500 => requesting this url will result in a 500 http status test:file:test/response.xml => requesting this url will return the content of the given file test:status:500;file:test/response.xml status: is optionnal and defaults to 200 file: if optionnal and defaults to empty file One can consult the data written "to" a test: url by accessing the public HashTable saved in this class. Data is indexed by url. See for examples of using this class.

Field Summary
static java.util.Hashtable<java.lang.String,> saved
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Method Summary
protected openConnection( url)
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public static java.util.Hashtable<java.lang.String,> saved
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public Handler()
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protected openConnection( url)
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